Joulie Soulie

We were tasked with telling 5 people the Joulie Soulie story, so I choose some old friends from school I was meeting this Sunday.

We met at Truffles, a very nice place with very nice Burgers. They have another name called Ice and Spice. I don’t know why a restaurant needs two names, but it doesn’t affect the food so I don’t mind.

So the Joulie-Soulie story is kind of pointless, you go on and on and one just dragging it out and the punch line makes you want to kill the story teller. My friends from school aren’t really competent enough to get away with murder in my opinion so I felt safe in telling them the story, which was an OE assignment. There were six of them there, which is very good because I didn’t want to go around telling people the story over and over again. It’s annoying and a lot of work you see. More importantly I don’t speak Hindi very well [translation:at all] so I was very happy to see that I didn’t have to tell the story again and again. This doesn’t mean I did not work at all. They are hard people to tell stories to.

They would have rather talked about other things. What things? I don’t know boring things knowing them. They don’t read a very bad thing. It’s no fun telling people who don’t read stories. They don’t know enough stories to reply. I think. Anyway back to the story about me telling them the story. The topic of conversation turned to how other restaurants  have burgers the size of coconuts. A very silly comparison. Coconuts aren’t that big when you compare them to burgers. So why used such a inadequate unit for measurement?

Strange people they are. they decided we needed a name for the group, but we couldn’t think of anything so they asked me to tell the story which I had forgotten about. The Joulie-Soulie story needs to be stretched out as long as possible. The point is to get the listener interested and invested for as long as possible as you take them to a disappointing end. Unfortunately we kept getting distracted by food, forgetful waiters and a lizard that hid under a napkin. He was a very nice lizard and I wish they had left him alone. It was a warm day and the air conditioning must have been what brought him in. He was a brown lizard the ones you see on walls. I always wondered why lizards don’t frequent more restaurants. It was very suspicious. He was tiny, just a baby, his head still semi-transparent.

The food was great. I finished the story. I learnt they didn’t know Hindi. It was like the story quite disappointing.

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