Awaiting Pasta

I’m surprised at how little her absence or presence affected me. I mean we never really did much together when she was around but I still felt the absence should have been noticeable.

She had her own problems and didn’t think I had any business knowing about it. It was only natural. I didn’t really care all that much about it either. So now she was back wondering if she was the tyrant she feared she was. I was very inclined to say no. She cut a sympathetic figure.  She had a lot to deal with.

She wasn’t like the rest of the family. That was until she started yelling about the missing utensils and insisting I stay I the kitchen. she liked about having told me to get in their 5 times. I wanted finish writing this dam post. Maybe 5 times was just an expression but every time she said that I wished I could kill her. It was a cheese grater against my brain. I shouldn’t have gotten so angry but I did.

She left to meet a friend. There was no trace of her existence that I could find. I realized that her presence and absence never really made much difference. I worried about money a bit more. I was allowed to get more sloppy. I didn’t mind having her around. But I felt sure that we’d never be able to stand each other for more than a few hours everyday. It’s in our blood I suppose.

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