A list of random fears.

  1. Failing to finish college
  2. Failing to do anything that’s worth talking about
  3. That my entire life is a lie like something in the Turman Show
  4. Not learning more than 7 languages
  5. Poverty
  6. Losing my memory
  7. Becoming orthodox/close minded
  8. Mediocrity
  9. Getting through life doing the bare minimum.
  10. Not being able to decide on a career path
  11. Having a career path that doesn’t let me read, write
  12. Losing touch with friends
  13. Friends start getting boring, and I grow asocial
  14. Going blind
  15. Being forced to follow my parents religion
  16. Being forced to borrow money from people
  17. Rice and Curd.
  18. Becoming addicted to something.
  19. Being unable to overcome my internet addiction.
  20. I’m afraid I’ll forget this is real life and go around committing acts of violence
  21. Losing my phone
  22. Eating a maggot filled mango

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