Ghost Head

If I had to go back to the very beginning, if I had the chance to do everything all over again there’s one thing I’m sure I’d change. I’d go back take a deep breath… and find a theme song for my life and play it every time I enter and exit a room.

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about you need to go see this movie called Zone Pro Site which is Taiwanese for Catering Master. You’ll love it unless your an alien sent to spy on the human race.

Sure master Ghost Head is way to serious and mostly unintentionally funny. But if you’ve seen his entry you know he’s awesome. I can’t find that song anywhere, but If I do I’ve half a mind to make that my life’s theme song. It’s a tie between that, ride of the Valkyries and the godfather soundtrack.  His funky pants, over serious demeanor, cool gangster get up, scary tattoos and that beautiful Vespa!He’s too serious for his own good, but hey everything in the movie is exaggerated and silly. His seriousness is silly when you think about it.


This might be a lame excuse for talking about more than just one character but if I was serious about such a fun movie it would be pretty unjust of me. Stooge A and Stooge B was hilarious. Stooge B says “Hey Hey Hey” throughout the movie ad it never gets annoying. Stooge A would be the cardboard bad guy in any other movie but here he’s just awesome even though he’s winy and a little evil.They pretty much get forced in the insanity and fit right in.They’re literately called Stooge A and B and yet they have so much character. Gangsters who’re afraid of eels, major in fine arts etc. How can you not love those guys?

The problem with this assignment is that very single character is  awesome. Right after I wrote the bit about Stooge A and B I wanted to write about animals on call, then Puff, then Big fish… The list would cover everyone who turned up in the movie.

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