The Grey Window

It seemed like any other afternoon that season- cool and grey with a slight threat of rain. But the woman at the window felt like the weight of the entire sky pushed down on her chest.

Her breathing got no easier as she saw the familiar orange and white snaking it’s way through the maze of poorly built roof tops to her soffocative abode. Her doors were always closed to visitors ,her neighbors observed,which is why cats who slip in through windows made for good company. This particular feline had no name. Cat’s may make splendid companions but they have tragically short lives. Sometimes however she couldn’t help but call him Rashid.

If cats read human emotions and human tongues they might have been able to tell us if that name meant anything to her. But cat’s see the world in grey hues. They saw nothing noteworthy in grey strands, and furrows that sometimes mark faces. Rashid however did notice that she wasn’t baring her teeth at him this time.

“Where’s his twin?” she wondered. She tried to remember if she saw him earlier that morning. No they hadn’t been playing together like always. They were too young to be running around alone at this age she told him. She worried that Rashid’s twin might not be paying her anymore visits. Her breathing had not become easier and she worried that a migraine might be around the corner. She didn’t want to worsen things by thinking about the cat’s twin, but she couldn’t help herself.

She never liked looking out through the window, the world she stared at seemed to stare back at her. She looked quite like a cat herself, as her eyes darted about making sure no one saw her. “The crazy cat lady is trying to hop out” she imagined unseen spies saying between jokes and insults. She drew back like something bit her. Rashid gave her a puzzled look. She stared back at him noticed how his eyes bore as shade of the lightest green that would threatened to disappear at any moment.

He hopped out and went on his way. She was grateful for the company and after a  few stolen glances outside set about spending the rest of the evening lost in thought.

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