A Story About You

You don’t usually watch TV anymore, but on that day you did. Once long ago, in another life, this would have been your natural response to free time.But you were in a different world now, you were a different person now.

Once you were bound by dreams and hopes drawn up for you to imagine. But one day you, for reasons even you aren’t sure about, you left. You could feel their eyes burn on your skin. The lecture stopped as abruptly as your old life. you walked away without retrieving any of your things. You walked down the street, without thought to hold you back and without shoes on your feet.

You never heard from your friends and family again. You never considered it possible for them to talk to you. You were certain that you had walked barefoot into a new world without dawn or dusk. You found a job at a store that sold posters, key chains, and other merchandise. You never cared for them. You sat there all day, looked around you at those meaningless, vague writings, You never touched them, you sat behind your chair happy because none of you were being disturbed. Once every three days tattooed, bearded men would come in, look around and ask you about merchandise and bands that didn’t exist. You gave them a honest quite reply.

That was your job, you were happy with your pay, your independence so you kept questions unasked unexplored. But one day, unlike any other day, a bearded man asked you about a band you were sure you had heard about before.

You tried to clear the vague memory but you couldn’t. you tried to answer the man but he was gone. You tried to continue, but you asked yourself who it was that has being paying you. You try to forget, but you’re walking back, feet no-longer bare.

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