The Dark (part-one)

Her eyes were heavy and in closing them she saw the end of all her problems. A voice inside her head, that sounded far away, made a  desperate plea reminding her closing her eyes would certainly mean death.

The walls around her were old and wet. The rain, determined to get to her, was seeping in through the flaking walls. All she could hear now was rain. If she closed her eyes she would be unable to tell if the roof above her had disappeared or not. She heard scrapping against a floor, like something heavy was dragging itself awkwardly along the floor with its arms. She attempted to stand with numb hands and numb feet, body shivering violently. With a gait that would make you think she was about to drop and crawl she made her way through the halls, eyes open but unable to see.

A phone seemed to be ringing. Her head screamed pain in response. She fell onto her knees, and groped around for the phone. At least she could stop one scream. Something was wrong. It was an old phone, not just a dialer up but a dialer up from the 30’s. Needless ornate a man’s voice echoed “With my leg I think you’ll have to carry me over the mantle”. A memory of a pale,sunken eyed, yet somewhat handsome, man seemed to rush at her. She didn’t recognize it and tried to make sense of it until the scrapping a more familiar, demanding memory reemerged. She tried to stand but failed. Indeed she was a little afraid that standing up would make her more visible, more vulnerable.

A predatory smell, akin to burning hair, filled the room. She fled, smashing against an extravagant door of  ancient wood. She stumbled through a hall and at a sharp turn, shouldered a little display crowed by man staring down at her from a painting. Both man and painting ancient, stern, probably born with a growl. He seemed to drip sweat and towered like an executioner and his trusty axe. She moved away, turning sharply to see where she could run next. She, still curious, turned again just in time to see the old man melt away revealing a red,bony skinless dog  glaring at her.

(To be continued)

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