Potato Twist

At Bangalore’s avaraikkai (Broad Bean) festival, I stumbled upon many experiments with the avaraikkai- ranging from avaraikki dosas, avaraikki rotis, avarraikki momos but it was the twist that stole the show.

The potato twist

This was popular at the festival; not surprising given how cool it looks. This was a usual dish that a little shop on the road served. For this festival they served it with a avaraikki sauce. It tastes like a thick, crisp, masala coated potato, and the sauces it comes with don’t make much of a difference. You’ll have to snap bits of it off the wooden stick it’s served on which get’s the masala all over your fingers. licking the masala off is the best part.

The street offered many other curiosities like masala pepsi and congress puri which I plan to check out very soon.

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