The visitors

Getting around to blogging is always harder on wordpress because I keep getting distracted by the map that turns on the stats page.

Apart from the people who stumble upon this blog from my social media, I’ve accumulated quiet a few regular visitors from all over the world. Sure, this isn’t unusual given that the internet has a global reach. But whenever I see the random American who reads 25 blogs posts to never return again, the Brazilians, and Egyptian who keep dropping by I can’t help but wonder who those people are.

Quiet a few followers from other countries tend to follow you back so there’s always some traveler you can learn about. It’s also why I never have the time to read most of the blogs my friends operate; there’s so much to read. A particularly adamant and skillful Russian writer on my feed tends to post nearly 3 stories every day. Deleting tens and twenties of the mail updates that tell me of her blogging has become a ritual that keeps me motivated. Did I mention she only uses six words in her stories? Now that’s skill. No, I won’t tell you who she is or what her blog address is.

I feel like I’ve stumbled onto a lost library every time I see the endless stream of posts from the blog inhabitants from all over the world; and honestly I feel a little covetous of all that literature poured onto my feed.

And I wonder you Malays, St. Kittians, and Canadians what stories do you have to tell?

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