As the troll saw it

When in the throes of an argument it’s easy to view your opponent as a caricature of  unintelligence and not a fully functional human being. I decided to write from the point of view of  a person I had an internet argument with. 

While I was surfing video’s for historic map’s on Youtube I came across one made by his Indonesian boy and it sure got me mad.

Without wasting any time on his poorly made video I grabbed the bull by the horns and asked the chap why he chose to be so foolish in naming and making his video.

“WHY CALL IT HISTOTY OF THE COLONIAL POWERS IN INDIA? AREN’T THE MUGHALS COLONISTS TOO?” I asked. I realized that I made a few grammatical errors but I didn’t see why I should bother correcting it. I had made my point and awaited the chance to start a debate and convince everyone.

My call was answered but unfortunately by a troll with a bizarre name called Rizul halal or something. He told me I shouldn’t go about classifying things based on dictionaries. He then had the nerve to try and convince me that the Europeans had distinct style of rule. Style? Who did this troll think he was telling me “West Brit 341” to read a dictionary. We invented the bloody language. I saw a few of his last watched videos. The social justice type.

“Anti-racist is code for anti-white I told him,” I was confident I’d shut down that argument. but I was flooded by comments that told me it was a convenient classification. It wasn’t fair. I couldn’t argue with all of them. To top it all off that arrogant sod told me to go read literature by Edward Said.

“Why so I can improve my English and show people I’m right 😉 ?” I asked him. The idiot didn’t get the joke and accused me of being conceited.

“Bugger off saddo”




Before I could say anymore I was overwhelmed by a horde of losers who’d stalked me and were trying to crucify me. They said I was too stupid to be a troll after they read that I’d said that the U.K spent too much on welfare and that green peace could -very reasonably- be controlled by a vegan lobby. I spent the rest of the trying to defend my stance to this random man from Tajikistan.

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