Fandom Menace

I wasn’t sure what I’d do today at Meta, our English department’s twelve day festival of literature. I choose to participate in the fandom menace contest because it seemed easy.

A Fandom Menace contest is a contest indigenous to Meta. You had to continue upon a prompt using characters from movies, TV, literature etc.I was a little doubtful about what I’d end up doing there.

When I saw the prompt with which we were supposed to write stories using popular characters I was lost. I felt like a bucket of ice was thrown on my brain. The prompt went on about landscape and I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do with it. Talk about farming in the non-muggle world?

While I looked around wondering why I got myself into these situations it hit me. Bhojpuri music in space. Now I know it isn’t nice to look at an industry as a punch line I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought. For the uninitiated Bhojpuri music comes from the Bhojpuri film industry, an industry that has a reputation of being unimaginably colorful and to the urban elite- lame.

So I decided to ignore the prompt as best I could and write a story about a Jedi, Skywalker, who lands in Bangalore, meets Indians and get jailed for being an intergalactic terrorist who killed millions of people when he blew up the death star. Twice.

I worry that I ended up poking fun at Indians rather than showing the reader how absurd the idea of Jedi in a happy, colourful Indian setting seems. But I think it was too silly to offend anyone.  I had fun writing it and wouldn’t mind taking part next year either.

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