Poison Eater

“This tastes good. Really…” he trails off before he decided to go back eating. He does not see her notice.

He does not notice either. She offers the closest thing to a genuine smile in months, to no none in particular. “Never did I hear that rat poison tastes good” she smiles at the though. And waits. And waits.

Slowly. Very slowly he finishes. He is distracted. His eyes like fluttering flies as he pours over his screen. Unconcerned with the world, her face, and now- everything else. It  stung and now it seemed insulting that the meal could  hold him only so long.

Death lacking intimacy wasn’t exciting at all. There is something disappointing about waiting for death when prey is content to graze. But she waited and watched with fascination the spoon ringing against the plate.

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