Two men at the bar

While walking back home today I saw two men having a fight by the local bar and a crowd, that included a curious cow, watching them.

I’m not sure what they were arguing about but it was eight o’clock which is an hour neither too late nor too early. I spotted the crowd before I spotted the two men. On both sides of the street there was a circle of spectators, standing half-hidden by trees and light poles. There were four auto’s where I decided to stop and watch the argument. All four auto-walla’s were packed into one back seat and grinning at the fight. I thought this looked hilarious.

One of men who was insisting he hadn’t done anything [yet] walked across the street dramatically. He was well dressed which made him stand out from the rest of the crowd.Another man who had been holding the well dressed man’s collar demanded he return. A man in a sleeveless shirt walked across the street and glared at the well dressed man like he wanted to beat him up.

I anticipated a dramatic turn but nothing happened. Once across the street the two men went down an ally, arms on each other’s shoulder. The man who’d wanted the well dressed man to return had disappeared. The crowd realizing nothing exciting was about to happen looked at each other awkwardly and dispersed. The cow however didn’t seem to care and sniffed at the counter of the pan shop near the bar, blocking everyone’s way back to the bar.

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