Colour me flattered

Sometimes I think I take this blog far less seriously than other people do. I am not very sure how to respond to opinions on it either. But I certainly didn’t expect people across the world to start trying to analyses my writing.

Right now I have way more followers from other countries than I have Indian followers. Sometime in March a blogger from Minnesota decided to write an essay on my blog and analyses my writing. It’s really weird reading about how people see your writing from the other side of the world.

There isn’t much identifying information on here, most of the autobiographical stuff is all about experience.I might be some serious or mysterious  writer with unplaceable motivation in the minds of people  who haven’t met me. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t flattering to see someone scratch their head attempting to figure out what your really up to.

He tried analyzing my blog here-

and here-

I’m tempted to answer some of the questions he asks but I feel like I would be ruining the whole experience.

Plus he only got my name wrong twice, a truly commendable achievement. Most people I know in real life seem to mess my name up frequently confusing my name with others that start from the letter R.

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