Sundry monsoon

Infrequent downpour spilling

Icy winds running through the night outing

Gusty winds guide me,

the path the water is tracing,

To a dry door, soaring above the petals

Flowing gently beneath my sandals

3 thoughts on “Sundry monsoon

  1. The Who’s love RAIN. down on me… Seems to hold the emotions punch of a tune to this… But asside from the glistening fingers of momma moon reaching for your heart after a bit of a night’s drip
    … Peter kater – waiting for the sky…(bluish, rooftops album if you YouTube it is a prettier tune just conjures a sudden summer day dripper…

    You’re of use! Here’s is maybe one flower seen imagined of your words and it’s amusing. The girl from ipomoea…morning glory is a very LSD like experience to buffet on the seeds… But I heard that title and never put that last bit.with it. You’re of use.!.

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  2. Superb, you are so talented to be able to write down your thoughts so beautifully. Also, I have started blogging recently and wanting you to visit my blog in the link. I would be really happy if you can give your genuine feedback on my content too. Please show some love and support by following my blog (from the website not on wordpress). Thanks and happy blogging

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