Becoming a Wuxia enthusiast

This post is to earmark a budding fascination with Chinese directors and movies. Maybe Wuxia isn’t the right term but I like it. I’ve caught Hong Kong Classics like Fallen Angels (1995) and Chungking express (1994) but I’ve decided to start taking a look at works from the mainland.

I remember watching Hero (2002) a few years back but only recently thought of the agonizing details and composition the was working in the background. The trait that’s even more evident in his must watch classic Raise the Red lantern (1992) where nearly every frame has perfectly composed symmetry and you go the entire movie never seeing the antagonists face.

If I’m ever lucky enough to get a copy of Red Sorghum (1987) or Ju Duo (1990) I’ll try seeing if I make something of his transition from underground film maker to mainstream blockbuster man.

Though my favorite discovery has been Jia Zhangke who’s excellent Ash is the Purest White (2018) inspired me to work backwards into his filmography. It’s amazing how his stories are about a changing country as much as it is about his characters. His Mountains May Depart (2015) kept me up an entire night even though it’s third act was considerably weaker since he presumably can’t direct as well in English. Though the final punch with the dance to Go West was truly amazing.

I guess I’ll have to watch more and see whats come of this. Hopefully I’ll get some good material for upcoming posts.

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