Lotus odyssey

Under the cool sludge of the pond floor

Rises a stem, searching, streaming,

Stabbing upwards past the still waters

Shifting inwards and out the darkness

Embracing the sunbeams, passing the chill

And soft pond surface, green and hotly contested

It cuts past the stillness, erupting over the mossy leaves

Blooming in crescendo, known at last

3 thoughts on “Lotus odyssey

  1. I could fry this too? 😁. Weird ho much of the surfaces are shaded away blocked! But it’s just a thin stalk from a shallow root and such grows our swampy things. Or acre on acre vast! Is seaweed yet a lil fuzz on an ocean’s map. Think to the tonnage of monosodium glutamates snack chips this can make! The tons of overpriced to us diet suppliment shakes! Or the mid-afternoon movies of purdy dishies chomped down by the mean sharks! Don’t tell me you’ve not watched a nature video! But this odesy. This beauty in what it is….fine poem.

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    • Haha, you sure could, Lotus stems are delicious!

      Sounds processed but still good, haha.

      You’ve enough material right there for a poem of your own, it’s practically writing itself!

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      • πŸ˜‰ such was the point
        … I less than mcdonald’s processed breakfast…. Eggs poached and that means microwave a couple seasoned in a measurement cup I oil so they come back out. Not processed Munster cheese, fried lunch meat of medium quality bulk as in not see through thin… But this part as most deli cold cuts are highly processed… Sourdough English muffin… I failed to butter the muffin… But a splotch of may made this with excess cheese a supremely sloppy sandwich of mmmmm. Could have used a zip of Dijon mustard. Or, yeah processed. But mmmm.

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