Scattered shards of moonlight

The crickets and
their entrenched audience
drenched street bench
dogs begging right by
the homeless man
a quiet gratitude
in their company


Storage space

To me, new apartment
To them, old tenants, the past
Left behind in the storeroom
A briefcase- inside pictures,
Undeveloped rolls , fact books
Notebooks and diaries
An entire life, left behind
Tucked away in a storeroom
To be opened later, an entire life

Birds of prey

Birds of prey
watching me
Corner of the page
every turn of my life
Birds of prey
watching me coldly

Marking me from trees
rhyming at me,
Every silver lining, spying
strife of the midwives
Archives of the afterlife
calling, wanting and watching

Birds of prey
bray grey cliches
Colour my decay
play games of dismay


The aches, the groans, the pains
Backed up & contented, moved & stirred
Wry delight, shakes & hormones
Setup- abstract, scented with torment
Improved is the watchword
Clean up the new house so you can dirty it
Without getting wordy, it wasn't new or thereabouts.

Faraway Friends

Her eyes flicker
as people run past

her gaze
the length
of summer grass.

let in the cats
till morning hovers
the place where we stopped
being strangers

Her CD collection
now & then
a glimpse of darkness
heatwaves on my palm
I hold it under water
the grinding, spinning world
under my feet.
late evening
our courtship
heads south.

The lands

The bare root of the plantations are white
like the hooves of the raiding deer
a crack of thunder in
this season of morning dew
more unfathomable than the waters
and clouds by the mountain slopes
between breaths, I burn.