I am the vision of the oracle
Whereupon lies the sumit
The temple house of Inana
The mountain peak of the Ziggarut
Where is the flame reciving
There in turn giveth
Sacrifices burnt or prayers heard
The adjudicator priestly
Where was seen the riches and deliverance
There arrives the invocation of the goddess
Eyes of crimson, idol of ivory artisan
Golden horned, known of afar
Eight pointed star, celestial anointed
With the seven sacred powers

I was looking into Mesopotamia and felt a bit inspired by the world’s earliest recorded poet and her goddess. I’ve included both the architecture and motifs that came to be associated with the cult of Ishtar

Orphic rites

Master on the deft strings
Melodic breath, shrill then piercing
The tender song of thy return
More human than human voice
Unattainable, acknowledged king of all
Tears quivering beneath the eyes
We are disassembled, unnatural coughs
Cosmic vision closing, eyes still folding
The songs end in thundering floods
Of scalding light, wonder and delight