12 days of prayer

Nectar beneath the dunes
the winding silk road
Idols of a man loving goddess
Demon in mirrors
the shape of steam
for a while
Quenching the thirst of the deserted
Prayers answered with dark clouds
and joyous icy breeze

Night river crossing

The pebble stones glittering
Weathercocks swooning
Quickly it rises behind them
Amidst the mango leaves
Like a tattered curtain screening
Brighting all the empty sky
Drifting easy, silveriness coiling
A serpent with luminous scales
The moonlight and river meeting
Diamond droplets melting down
Tender reverie, immense, cool
River breeze, two hands glancing


Summer’s end


Clinging to dry grass

Low monsoon sun

Crows, one by one

Calling, low monsoon sun

The distant mountains

Under an umbrella

In the mouth-gulp!

Heaven & Earth

Never marked by sunbeams glancing off hilltops

Shower after shower leaving behind greenlight

Hiding their crests in dishevelled tree tops

Lurid shimmers behind the tresses of clouds

Steaming vaults of black and blue serenity

The dense tide of a coming monsoon

The mire dallying in water and an older season


The closed eye is a part of everything

It is in the sky and the sea

It is in the dreams of children at night

It is all that there is forever

On my own

I don’t even know

Any colours anymore


Immeasurable legions of white clouds close rank

Leaving a clear blue path the size of a fist

What wonder the heavens hold, we thank

Neither Buddhists nor Neo-Realists