Autumn Red

I crossed past the Western ghats
Yesterday over the curling mountain pass
Driving far too very fast
Seeing on the mist laden hill tops
The Autumn Reds blooming last
Leaves colouring the evergreens
Evening falls over the mountains tall
And the worlds of men seem forever small
Scattered over this ancient rocky wall
On every corner pass a truck stalled
To the roadways a simple thrall
Lost waiting in Pan’s evening hall
Voiceless upon this early ball
The rain begins to fall

Oh stormy night

pitch black
that night has come
with tearful eyes

set free in the trees…
between falling leaves

Bodhisattvas on barren land
the night passes by so slowly
over green winter fields

waves on fairy lights
my night
an icicle hangs under it


sleepless all night
o snail
on a mountain path
forgive me
even unto death

singing songbird
on bent knees
from the end of its nose
a snail shell falls

a secret is out
gentle flower plums
under the harvest moon

Clean up

The shutters trembling
Under a tiled roof
In the pouring rain

Sorting old books
The fading words
Clutched in their binds

Bats in the ceiling
Envying the silverfish
Smelling aged paper