Running away

Snakeskin on the mossy rocks
Left behind after a long winter rain
Her tears allowing, beetles in fight
Followed by cat ears, seated on the ledge
By the old kitchen fireplace
Tracing the smoke stone walls

Light of an old bulb hanging by a wire
The old magazines stiff, wooden cupboards and rafters
Kerosene lamps made of bottles
Red Mangalore tiles and red oxide floors
Just a day visiting, escaping
To old village life

Crumbling Polaroid

step by step
i remember a séance
step by step
family pictures
night after night
the bright moon arrives
step by step
their damp hair
among vigorous young leaves
of early winter
heat shimmering
faces aligning
the moonlight waning
a world of dew
begins to fall
red morning sky
how cold the wind

Ripped off

Suddenly, I heard some talking
How they were opining, confining – quarantining
 It was arithmetic, bolshevik, nonstick!
I crave the alive, adjunct, adjacent
All my fears within me interlocking
That much sitting – that much fuming

All my soul within me wafting
I threw my dwelling upon the floor
What could there be, more purely yours?
That flat, flat cottaging
It threw its ghost against its habits
The ownership brought such sorrow
That immovable owner – that irremovable owner

Deep into that darkness lofting
And so you came gently sniffling
Only this and property
And the enclosure never signing
I crave the smiling, speaking snick
There stood only deceitful arithmetic


Tracing scars under a heavy gaze

Lovers parting, under a crescent moon

Their damp hair, the harvest rain

Lightning! Strolling the muddy road

This monsoon storm, no trouble at all

The sound of ants, the clatter of a bridge

Dragon dance

I follow the trail of dragons

Under the clearest blue afternoon sky

The dragonfly, a myriad of them dancing

Along the yellow of my neighbours wall

Across the dry green of the Banyan

Over the mossy temple compound

A hovering cloud, not loud, steadily turning

Unknotting, spreading, soothing my shoulders

My easy breathing, following the sound of bycycle chains turning

Children racing up and down