Wait a little longer

Out of why and out of wine the promenade besides us has faster traffic. The wind hums under the treeline and there are vendors snaking, dancing their way through the stopped lines of traffic.

I’m out of bandwidth and want to scream or rage clean. Then across the street a boy gets off the bus bench as his girl walks around the corner. They spin and dance with finesse for only a few seconds before they walk arm in arm, past the startled pedestrian traffic. Besides me you squeeze my arm and the world seems to go a lot faster.


There was a window where you could walk by the stores with no mask on. There was a window where the cold morning made everyone blush. We walked with only our footsteps to hear. Back home with coffee at 5 am we bagged up the trash, the sound of the glasses being rinsed over the metal sink. Outside the windows it was still dark. Someone found a lost key- it lead to treasure. The dusty and soot covered roof. The sun greeted us racing, unbelievably fast threatening to wipe the last night away like a dream. We never mentioned the catfish in the pool or the mermaids offerings deep in the cold waters. That window had closed.

A heavy read

Come here and look at this dairy
There’s two people by the window
They’re fighting and one’s about to cry
Look closely now, the memories float
Like a ship in a bottle, how’d they do it?
Fit so much in a small place like that
If you turned the corner, you’d see
Faces melting away like butter


The canvas tight
about your heart
The weight of dreams
Painted on it
Let them say
One day the Gods discovered you
With a voice of wind
And aflame
A whole mountain in your eyes