Lost Rhyme

I had a rendezvous-

Three lines, six rhymes

Something  sublime-

But now I rhyme,

Breaking this head of mine

Since I whiled time

While the poem flew a mile.


A man who lives far from town

Writes problems that make people frown

From them, you’d deduce

That a wee baby moose

Was really just Zeus.

Treasure hunting

In my cousin’s backyard we dug for buried treasure. We dug till the sunset and till our parents voices called out for us. We lost their voices by digging. We found a rusted bullet from long ago, we found a broken arrow from longer ago. It was too early to stop, who knew what else we could find?

We found campfire set by ancient men, we found tusks and bones. We dug deeper to the terrible feathered monsters, we dug through the time of lizards and found the ocean floor. Further still we went and drowned in the molten earth. We dug and burned till everything turned to dust. We dig through the universe, a knife cutting through god to see what came before.