Sounds From An Open Door

The room’s a cozy corner placed in the strangest way possible. Open the door and the world right in front you, but the room is still pulled back into the far end of the plot.

Overhead my neighbors feet thunder and scatter as he realizes he’s late for work again. A kid whines and implores this parent to look at something. I imagine he pulls at his fathers shirt as  autos ignore them. My UPS screams as if annoyed at having being woken, and the window sequels as I close it. The chair squeaks as I turn to the left and reopen it.

After a session of charging at howling vikings and dodging the metallic rings of swirling scimitars I hear curious footsteps and then a quick shuffle. I realize the door has been ajar for the enter day and the swaying branches having been singing as they always do. Lazy scooters buzz past as the housewives get a move on before the mid day sun catches them. I forget about the footsteps as the windows theme announces its shutting down.

Light dew floats by when I return that evening. My neighbors’ wife seems to be talking to someone on her balcony. Proof of her existence is always rare.  I prepare for my french viva as the neighborhood fills with the sound of cricket balls flying, stone wickets failing to stay upright, and uncles offering helpful tips. My monitor buzzes monotonously and more fights about the score ring out as more childish voices appear.

Thunder rings out but the voices don’t care. I step out and listen to the dirt between my feet and earth scrape. I wonder if there is some ancient part of us that loves to be reminded that in a world that sees so far, that dirt still scrapes lightly beneath moving feet.

Writing about not writing

“I’d slit your throat for a trinket”. Over and over in my head it rings. It’s been two days since I stopped writing daily, and I’ve realized that addictions always come as a surprise.

Mount and Blade: Warband, that’s where the line is from. It’s a Turkish video game about a fantasy medieval world, started by a husband-wife duo (imagine those arguments!). After lecturer V suggested I stop trying to post everyday and take some time to pay attention to the world, to see what that would do for my writing, I’ve been unsure what to do with myself.

I spent first day repeatedly opening new tabs, making notes of ideas until I realized I wasn’t supposed to be working that day. It felt like something was trying to claw it’s way out from inside my head. I rolled over and told myself I’d find something better to do all day. I then realized it was 5:30 am and I was thinking about writing even before I was fully awake.

The next day, the semester was over and I downloaded Mount and Blade again, since I had nothing to do during the study holidays. After a day of gaming, reading, being attacked by bandits who kept telling me they’d slit my throat for a trinket and trying to convince emirs to invade Nordic lands etc. here I am again. Writing.