What separates

The two of us

Starry night


The edge of night

Draped on the coast of the setting sun

a coral blush, a crimson streak- on repeat

colored yellowed sky and cloud overrun.


The hidden sun and jagged clouds did greet

the mirrory blue of a gushing sea.

Men who by the absent light discreet

played as shadows often do, set free


So went the day, I spied, of coastal bloom

this eventide and the gloaming sight

did mark the night but I know not for who.


Why is time so plentiful

when more of it just means

nothing gets done?


The year’s end approaches

but the tropic air is still warm.

I see the sun set.



The chilly night’s breeze

so swift to flow, and destined

to nimbly disappear.



Eyes that grow weary

await patiently a new sunrise and

more stories to be told.