Sneaking past

A moth escapes

A rain shower


Yawning Breeze

Deep in the mist

All mine


Spotted in shop windows

Lost in bamboo

Almost hidden in deep grass

My home village

Deep in moonlight

Where a river flows

Solitude in raindrops

And monsoon

Red hot coin

Please, please inside

My house is yours,

Hang your masks on the wall

Throw away your armour

The neighbors don’t mind the clatter

They’re all deaf, you see

Their silence hangs

Like a red hot coin, straight from the fire;

A star hanging over them

From it a thousand beam of illuminationĀ 


Whispers in an ancient languageĀ 

Trees clocked under mist

A half moon lingers

The cat closes his eyes again

And turns his head


You’re in the water

While I’m standing on the shore

Why do I feel your voice

Taking in my air.

I’d put you in a frame

But you flicker as the light fades

Falling away, like rain.