Once boxed

Deep in the midst

Of falling leaves

Winter fog

Floats off our coats

Baring shoulders

Morning coffee

The night grows longer

Still hungry


Night Walk

Journey by moonlight

As it spills through the highway

So many boulders


The river finds it’s way.

Now and then

Now and then-

A pleasant tide and day

A hand through those curls

Finger across the atlas

Swirl away and away

That lock of hair

Now a compass

Now a star drawn map

Do you see?

Now and then, a possibility?

Early Rains

My shadow the only shade;

I run home to open windows.

A crow laughs over seven lanes

And flies seven streets,

A hand through my hair!- it’s just breeze.

The airs cool when the lane dips,

And soft rain drips glass buttons.