.com business

Getting yourself a domain should warrant some sort of grand feat that shows off all that your fancy new website has to offer. I have neither the time or the energy for such a thing.

Like everything else in my life, blogging is just something I sort of stumbled onto. Sure there were people who’d give me wonderful advice but it never registered. I stumbled and floundered all over the blog-o-sphere and now here I am. This is my fifth blog but the only one that I’ve stuck with and the only one I’ve been really invested in.

Maybe I should have waited, maybe I should have taken my time, maybe I should used that head of mine, maybe I shouldn’t be using this thing as a lab rat for every whim that catches my fancy. But alas this is already rijulballal.com and not .wordpress.com any more.

So watch this space, it’ll stay the same but I might be up to more shenanigans soon.

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